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Ominus website wins silver award in government Web Accessibility Recognition Scheme

Ominus website has won the “Silver Award” in the first Web Accessibility Recognition Scheme co-organized by the Office of the Government Chief Information Officer (OGCIO) and the Equal Opportunities Commission (EOC). Mr. William Leung, Sales Manager of Ominus (HK) Limited, received the award on behalf of the University at the award presentation ceremony held today (April 15). The award winning Ominus website was launched in Feb 2013, and was designed according to the web accessibility guidelines set out in the Scheme. To meet the Silver requirement, the website has to achieve all judging criteria listed under the Silver Category to incorporate basic and key web accessibility features. Various features have been adopted in the Ominus website to facilitate access to online information and services by all members in the community, including those with disabilities. They include: • All operations can be performed through a keyboard interface for those who cannot access a website with a mouse • Captions are provided for videos for the hearing impaired users. The sound of videos can be easily turned off too. • Clear and informative links are provided to facilitate those who have cognitive and learning difficulties. The design is in line with the Ominus’s aim to contribute to a caring and inclusive society by making its website more accessible and friendly to different members of the community. Other characteristics of the website include an “interactive and organic” web design, which allows mobile device users to simply touch the screen and flip the flip boards on the homepage. For details about the scheme, please refer to the government website at: If you find any aspect of this website inaccessible or encounter any difficulty in use, please contact us at 2697 1110 for assistance.

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