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Ominus Lighting

Founded 1999

“OMINUS LIGHTING” is the world’s leading LED Solution Provider of high-power LED luminaries and a pioneer in the use of Philips Fortimo LED Module System.

Our mission is to provide the most cost-benefit LED lighting luminaries to the worldwide. We have been partner with PHILIPS for 10 years in the traditional lighting sector.

OMINUS LED luminaries is powered by PHILIPS Fortimo LED System, leading us become an energy-saving, and Negawatts solution provider in both indoor and outdoor segment in order to fit for the change in worldwide government regulations in the time of carbon dioxide emission being a cost now. 

Integrated with R&D, production, lighting consultants, marketing and sales teams to provide total one-stop solution to broad based electrical contractors, developers, end users, lighting designers, and specifiers.


LED lighting is a whole new revolution from conventional CFL, Halogen, incandescent to LED luminaries. For the new milestone our R&D team works closely with our production facilities and customers to develop a totally brand-new interface (optics design, cooling solution and fixture) fitted with PHILIPS LED module/ engine, moreover we keep our development on the loop of the new LED standard ZHAGA, the new regulation of government.


It is estimated that the LED lighting will contribute around 85% of the total lighting business in 2020. OMINUS were established to focus on LED lighting business since we truly believe that it is the way of the future. 

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